Mario Villalobos began working marble in 1984. He learned to drill cores and polish by trial and error. He gradually learned sculpting and finishing products he created. Over the span of 30 years, Mario developed wine bottle holders, wine racks, bookends clocks, and lamps. He has also sculpted dolphins, fountains and abstract art pieces. Mario enjoyed working inside the Colorado Yule Marble Quarry and narrated the book about cutting the largest block ever from this quarry. In 2005, Mario and his wife , Christy built The Marble Gallery . The winter months gave Mario many hours of free time,so he decided to write a children's book. It's titled "The Whistler".

Christy Villalobos paints on small pieces of marble. She creates unique collectables.

Monique Villalobos makes marble earrings and pendants. Each one is a little remembrance of our little mountain valley.

Rachel Villalobos has sculpted marble since she was 16 years old. She enjoys abstract art.

Rex Branson and Vickie Branson are award winning wood carvers and master stone sculptors. They have done many white marble statues from human figures, horses, bears, eagles , owls , bison, big horn sheep and  trout. They  also carve custom headstones.

David Lee makes wooden bowls and vases from aspen, cedar, cherry, sycamore,and elm.

Jan Archuleta is a very skilled watercolor artist. She adds such detail, her paintings are often mistaken as photographs. You can view her website at:

Judy started making marble jewelry, several years ago, as a hobby. She wanted a piece of marble that was functional as well as a souvenir. All jewelry is sterling silver or gold filled. She started with a simple design and has expanded to about 25 designs. Each piece of marble is sanded and shaped by hand.

Roger Neal is a local author and historian who lives in Crystal City during the beautiful summer and fall months. He has written "Crystal... What really happened" and the "Creepy Crystal Tales" series.

Linda makes some clever trinkets by placing pewter figures on scrap pieces of marble. These are very popular items.

Lynne Anderson creates some unique clay pots, vases, and wall hangings. Her website is,

Ravinder Bhardwaj can be found at,  

Crystal River Jeep Tours is located inside The Marble Gallery. Their Caps and T-shirts are available at the gallery. Their website is More information is available at